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How to Take Measurements

 #  Term  Measure:
   1.  Neck  Around            
   2.  Neck to Bust Point  Vertically & downward
   3.  Chest  Above bust & around
   4.  Bust  Over fullest part & around
   5.  Under Bust  Below bust & around
   6.  Upper Arm  Just below armpit & around
   7.  Waist  Just above navel and around
   8.  Hips @ 7"  Down 7" from waist & around
   9.  Hips @ 9"  Down 9" from waist & around
 10.  Front Rise  Down from waist to crotch
 11.  Back Rise  Down from waist to crotch

  Crotch  Where the pant legs meet
 12.  Thigh  2" below crotch and around
 13.  Waist to Knee  Vertically & downward
 14.  Knee  Around
 15.  Calf  4" below knee & around
 16.  Shoulder Length  Side of neck to shoulder cap

  Shoulder cap  Where the top of the sleeve begins
 17.  Sleeve Length  Shoulder cap to wrist, around elbow
 18.  Back Width  4" down from shoulder, across back
 19.  Back Length  Neck bone to waist
 20.  Outseam  Waist to ankle
 21.  Inseam  Crotch to ankle
 22.  Ankle  Around


When you make an appointment for my services, remember that I take all measurements myself, because I am responsible for the outcome of your garment.

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