For me, Sewing is an art form. It's fabric architecture, engineering, production, planning, and so many other elements that can be borrowed from many other occupations. It's creativity, imagination, visualization, and is highly social!

Becoming a Clothier encompasses the capacity of meeting my clients' needs, helping them to solve problems, and taking their ideas and turning them into what they imagined and more!

It is my Dream to become a Fashion Designer who  specializes in practical, comfortable, appealing clothes, the kind that works for many events, occupations, body types and sizes, leisure, and just because you are ready for a fashion change.

As my business grows, my aim is to find what people want and need in fashion design, alterations, tailoring, costuming, and sewing, in general. I have many clients who have been thrilled at my quality of work as you can see in Reviews. 

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